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In the past when we were doing Lean and / or 6 Sigma projects, we used plenty of office time to analyze the processes, and after that time for site review to catch the details. This activity, which lasted about half a day, we used plenty of post-it (3M if possible because the others do not stick enough).

With the development of technology, Process Mining has reduced this time and post-it expenditure

So What is Process Mining?

Today, many softwares record events (such as opening a window on the screen or the time passes to raise the temperature of the machine) with time stamps (such as day-month-year-hour-minute-second). By using these time stamps, Process Mining software can detect the steps that create inefficiencies that directly affect profitability such as bottlenecks, vicious circles, dead ends instantaneously. Thanks to this feature, it makes the work of many organizations that want to make improvements in Lean Management or implement RPA/BPA much easier today.

What Can You Do With Process Mining?

1- You can analyze the processing times of a machine you use in production and increase OEE. (cycle times such as heating, part handling, machining, downtime and waiting times)

2- You can examine the average / median / maximum / minimum document preparation time of the personnel during an insurance policy preparation process.

3- You can catch bottleneck activity that causes the purchasing process to take a longer times.

4- You can determine whether you are using FTE adequately in the electronics fund transfer preparation process.

5- You can analyze the downtimes and loading times of forklifts.

6- You can analyze flow of materials during the process and analyze the WIP and lead time.

With Process Mining, many inefficient processes, some of which I have presented above, can be detected in a short time and actions can be planned and prioritized. This can accelerate or even eliminate the detailed process analysis you will perform at the site after this.

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