The Lean Waste Walk is a very useful tool to identify productivity and quality opportunities in your business. I have summarized some topics to keep in mind below;

1- Lay out the process flow: Before the Lean Waste Walk, lay out the steps of the process you will assess. Doing this allows you to cover all the details and prevent skipping process steps.

2- Talk to everyone on the field: Lean Waste Walk is a shop floor application and it is very useful to get the information of all our friends working at the field. It allows you to get the common opinion of the employees for situations that are not easy to measure with equipments. For example most of the time no one measures the walking distance of the operator to inventory room to collect supplies. In cases like that try to get a common opinion from different operators.

3- Collect data: Some of the data may be obtained from resources such as ERP and SCADA, but most of it will come after the interviews, observations and counts you do at the field. (With this study, you'll be able to calculate a more detailed Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).) Record this data instantly in a form or app. For example: The operator walks 20 meters 5 times a day to collect supplies. Each walk takes about 20 seconds.

4- Transform the data to annual format: Transform your waste data using annual working time. For example: The material collection time loss mentioned in Clause 3 is equal to 8 hours machine downtime per year.

5- Make the financial calculation: Calculate the annual monetary loss for each waste.

6- Prioritize: After all the wastes are calculated, prioritize your wastes with the appropriate approach for your organization. Here you can use different approaches such as strategies, costs, benefits.

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