We are designing a new coffee roaster for home. Below is a summary of the current situation:

  • Time: According to the expectations of our investor we have to start production within 4 months.

  • Scope: In order to differentiate from our competitors, we want to add a PT-100 sensor to the machine to be able to roast the coffee based on temperature, not on time.

  • Quality: The DOE (design of experiments) we planned to determine the area where the sensor will be mounted shows that we need to do at least 20 trials. The time needed for the trials to be completed postpones the production schedule one month later.

  • Cost: The cost of each trial will cost $ 50, which is not in our budget.

As above, there is a phenomenon called Iron Triangle in all innovation and R&D projects. This phenomenon summarizes the main constraints that can happen to you in making these solutions come to life.

These constraints formulate our playground in projects. When we cannot get out of this playground, we have to compromise from those constraints. So is there any way to change the formula without making these concessions?

Lateral problem solving methods such as TRIZ and SCAMPER can help us break the iron triangle in order to create a new formula or change the playing field.

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