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When we look at the history of internal combustion engines, we see that it dates back to the 1870s. In these engines, heat is generated as a result of combustion. This heat must be removed in order not to cause problems in the engine. For this purpose, the systems mostly used today are water / liquid cooled systems. These systems activate the fan when the engine exceeds a certain temperature, and this fan cools the water / liquid, allowing the engine to cool.

I was surprised to learn that these fans were constantly working until a discovery (US2588495A) made in 1952. This caused a decrease in engine efficiency and excessive fuel consumption for 80 years!

Why did it take so long to come up with a solution?

  • Not realizing the need for improvement?

  • Not really needing the improvement?

  • Intervention of higher priority needs?

  • Not finding the right solution?

Regardless of the reason, there are many different lateral problem solving techniques such as TRIZ in order to realize all these reasons before they are needed and to direct our innovation strategy and then to develop the most accurate solution. These tools will help you stay ahead in the innovation race.

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